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In need of immediate cash? Do you have unused or unwanted gold? Bring in for evaluation for a hassle free Buy Back Loan

Gold Loan

Buy Back Gold Loan

If you’re looking for flexible, short-term financing without the one year restriction of pawn loans, come into Cash Point for a hassle free Buy Back Loan.

Buy Back Loans, also known as Repurchase Agreements, provide an alternative to traditional pawn brokerage. Essentially, they’re pawn loans for those who need to free up short-term cash (e.g., 30, 60 or 90 days).

Come into our office today, and use your unused or unwanted gold, precious metals and diamonds to get the liquidity you need.

How It Works

  • Bring in your gold, precious metals or diamonds into our Cash Point office.
  • One of our qualified appraisers will assess your goods, and determine a fair market value.
  • Receive your loan. Buy Back Loans are typically 30, 60 or 90 days in length.
  • Payback your loan as well as the service charge within the agreed upon date 

Note: If loan is defaulted after the agreed upon period, Cash Point becomes the legal owner of the gold, precious metal or diamonds and can sell it to recover the defaulted loan.

Service Charges

$20 for every $1000 you are financed! For example, if you pawn your jewelry and are loaned $5000, you will be charged $100 in services charges.

We Sell We Buy
USD 1.3900 1.3400
GBP 1.7700 1.7300
EUR 1.4900 1.4400
CHF 1.5300 1.4500
AUD 0.9300 0.8800
SGD 1.0100 0.9300
INR 0.0167 0.0147
MYR 0.3300 0.2800
NOK 0.1300 0.1150
DKK 0.1750 0.1600
LKR 0.0045 0.0043

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