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Send and receive money transfers from almost anywhere in the globe. Reliable, convenient and affordable! That’s what CashPoint money transfer services gives you.

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Convert to the currency of your choice using up-to-date exchange rates. With exchange rates constantly fluctuating, use our currency converter to see the current exchange rate:

Cheque Cashing
Avoid cheque holds and get your money fast. We provide instant, hassle-free and convenient cheque cashing services at affordable rates. Whether you’re an individual or a small business, come into our office and turn your cheque into cash, instantly.
Buy Back Gold Loan

We value transparency and fairness. This is why we not only offer top $$ for your gold, but also provide you with real time updates of current gold prices so that you’re informed. See what your gold is worth today, and come into CashPoint to get fair market value for your used or unwanted gold.