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Need to Transfer Money in a Hurry?

CashPoint provides two unique methods to send and receive money transfers from almost anywhere in the globe. Reliable, convenient and affordable! That’s what CashPoint money transfer services gives you.

CashPoint Money Transfer:

For those who are looking for affordable and convenient money transfer services, CashPoint Money Transfer Services provides an alternative to traditional Western Union money transfers.

For money transfer specifically to Sri Lanka, India, England, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, CashPoint has what you need!

What makes CashPoint Money Transfer unique?


Send money to your family and friends while you are at home or work. Our online money transfer and interac e-transfer services allow you to send money with out coming to our office in person.

We offer personal delivery as well as bank deposits of any money transferred through CashPoint Money Transfer services.

We offer cashpick-up Services through all major banks in Srilanka your family and friends can collect the money sent by you from all major bank branches in any part of Sri Lanka on the same day.


If you’re looking for exceptionally low rates for money transfers, look no further than CashPoint Money Transfer Services.

Our rates are lower than Western Union, and are among the lowest rates in the country! Learn more about how CashPoint Money Transfer Services can save you time and money!

Western Union Money Transfer:

As a registered Western Union agent location, CashPoint is your gateway into the world’s largest money transfer service.

With over 480,000 agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries, use our Western Union services to send or receive money almost anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our Western Union services, and how you can be one of the millions who use it worldwide.
Call today, or come into our office to learn more about our money transfer services. We promise, our services and prices cannot be beat!

USD 1.3000 1.3300
GBP 1.6100 1.6500
CHF 1.3000 1.3400
AUD 0.8800 0.9100
SGD 0.9100 0.9500
INR 56.0000 50.0000
MYR 0.2800 0.3300
NOK 0.1400 0.1500
LKR 140.0000 134.0000
EUR 1.4300 1.4700
DKK 0.1900 0.2000
LKR 138.5000
INR 54.0000
GBP 0.5900
SGD 1.0000
MYR 3.0000
EUR 0.6600
DEU 0.6500
AUD 1.0600
NOK 6.1500

Money Transfer


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