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Realtor Cash Advance

Your Commission in ADVANCE!

Get your commission advance in cash today with CashPoint. with no hidden fees, and the utmost confidentiality, we help real estate professionals get up to 100% of their commission FAST. Call or come by our office to lear more about our services.

Money When You Need it!

With CashPoint, you don’t have to wait until your closing to get your commission in cash. We can advance your commission today on residential deals that close within 120 days. The advance can be picked up in cash today at our location in the GTA or deposited into your account within 24 hours.

How Does it Work?

With no credit checks, collateral or security required, all you need to do is provide your signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale and some standard information about yourself. The information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and we assure that it will not be shared with anybody.

Who is Using it?

“CashPoint gives our agents the cash flow they need so that they can focus on what they do best. Our agents consistently speak of the ease and convenience of working with CashPoint. Hassle-free cash commission advances…how can you go wrong?”

- Malcolm Hobbs – Broker | Homelife

Service Charges

We charge a daily flat rate of $0.75 for every $1000 you are advanced.

For example, if you are advancing $5000.00 in commissions, the cost to you for 120 days would
be $450 (0.75 X 5 X 120).

There are NO administrative fees ,
NO reserve holdbacks ,
NO initial sign-up fee .

So go ahead and use our Rate Calculator to calculate your advance and sign-up for a commission advance today!

Calculate Your Advance

How much do you want to advance ?

When do you want your advance ?

When does your deal close ?

This is the total
you would pay

USD 1.3100 1.3400
GBP 1.6800 1.7300
CHF 1.2900 1.3300
AUD 0.8600 0.9000
SGD 0.9100 0.9400
INR 58.0000 50.0000
MYR 0.2800 0.3300
NOK 0.1320 0.1420
LKR 142.0000 134.0000
EUR 1.4100 1.4600
DKK 0.1800 0.1900
LKR 138.5000
INR 54.5000
GBP 0.5600
SGD 1.0100
MYR 3.0200
EUR 0.6600
DEU 0.6500
AUD 1.0700
NOK 6.1500

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