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In need of immediate cash? Do you have unused or unwanted goods? Pawn loans are known to be one of the best borrowing options when you need immediate cash. CashPoint is a licensed pawn brokerage with almost a decade of exceptional service providing collateral loans in the GTA. We have two types of gold loans to better suit your needs.

Buy Back Loan

If you’re looking for flexible, short-term financing without the one year restriction of pawn loans, come into CashPoint for a hassle free Buy Back Loan.

Buy Back Loans, also known as Repurchase Agreements, provide an alternative to traditional pawn brokerage. Essentially, they’re pawn loans for those who need to free up short-term cash (e.g., 30, 60 or 90 days).

So come into our office today, and use your unused or unwanted gold, precious metals and diamonds to get the liquidity you need.

Pawn Brokerage

CashPoints’ collateral loans (pawn brokerage) are an affordable way for you get the cash flow you need to finance everything from college tuition to a home renovation. With our qualified appraisers and excellent rates why not come to us for your borrowing needs?

Bring in your unused, unwanted or broken gold, precious metals or diamonds and CashPoint will turn them into cash!

Come in to our office today and leave with your loan in your hands without any credit checks or hassle.

Fees: CashPoint has built a reputation of providing great services at fair rates. This same reputation also applies to our pawn brokerage service charges, which are among the lowest in the country

Service Charges

$20 for every $1000 you are financed! For example, if you pawn your

jewelry and are loaned $5000, you will be charged $100 in services charges.

Note: If loan is defaulted after the agreed upon period, CashPoint has the right to sell the gold, precious metal or diamonds to recover the defaulted loan.

Gold Loan Calculator




USD 1.2900 1.3300
GBP 1.6700 1.7200
CHF 1.4000 1.4500
AUD 0.9000 0.9400
SGD 0.9200 0.9500
INR 58.0000 50.0000
MYR 0.2800 0.3300
NOK 0.1320 0.1420
LKR 145.0000 135.0000
EUR 1.5000 1.5500
DKK 0.1800 0.1900
LKR 143.2500
INR 55.0000
GBP 0.5700
SGD 1.0000
MYR 3.0200
EUR 0.6300
DEU 0.6200
AUD 1.0400

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